Rice Packs

If you are looking to find a solution for your pain, you are in the right place! Our best-selling rice packs come in a wide variety of scents to help with many different ailments.  

Rosemary Mint - This scent is great for headaches or sinus issues

Lavender - Use any lavender product in our shop to get a deep, luxurious relaxing sleep

Citrus - This scent is seriously UH-MAZING! This blend of lemon, lime and orange citrus will have you coming back for more

Eucalyptus - This scent is perfect for sinus infections or just a stuffy nose. Pop this rice pack over your nose and forehead to clear up sinus congestion

Lavender Vanilla - This scent is similar to the lavender but includes a hint of warm sugar vanilla scent(it's delicious, trust us)

Vanilla Sugar - Wow, this scent is so yummy and we just can't get enough of it!

Unscented - This option is great for those with sensitive sniffers!

These gorgeous rice packs have SO many uses! They can be used cold/frozen to help with muscle aches or they can be used hot for muscle aches, or menstrual pain. 

We also include a gorgeous hang tag with care instructions for use both hot and cold. 

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