10 Ways to Help You Sleep Now

Are you ready to get your sleep on? We are here to help! We have put together our top picks for getting an amazing night’s sleep.

Do you wake up tired? Is your day full of coffee or energy drinks that are not so good for you? Do you just barely make it through your day? If you aren’t getting the proper amount of sleep, you won’t be successful, end of story. Also, if you aren’t getting the right kind of sleep, this will impact your productivity as well.

So, are you ready to sleep? Sweet! Let’s do it! Follow our top ten sleep steps and start sleeping better now.

Sleep Mask

The first tip is to grab a sleep mask. This sounds simple but it is so much more. Often times when you are trying to fall asleep, your eyes keep opening and this makes falling asleep harder. Did I close the garage door? Did I blow out that candle? Did I pay the babysitter? Sometimes our thoughts get the better of us and this can allow sleep disruptions. A sleep mask will also block out light ,and darkness has been proven to produce more melatonin, meaning you will fall asleep faster. You can find some really comfortable designer sleep masks here.

Bedding - Imagine climbing into a bed with scratchy, starchy sheets. Now, imagine climbing into the same bed, but with a nice, soft sheet underneath you. Which would you choose? When you have the proper bedding, you are guaranteed to have a better night’s rest. If you have a scratchy, low thread count sheet you will be tossing and turning all night because you are uncomfortable. So, what to do? Visit any store and look for a sheet set with a high thread count, preferable 800 or above. This seems like a small change but you will be surprised at how much of a difference nice sheets will make!

Smell - Our next tip involves your sense of smell. There are quite a few different smells that will help you relax, but my favorite is lavender. Lavender has HUGE calming qualities and you can get it in a range of products. Our shop offers a delicious sleepy time spray that is infused with lavender oils. You can spray this on your pillow, a sleep mask, sheets, and even your own clothes. It is really great for not only helping you fall asleep, but with calming anxiety. There are also balms, oils, candles, incense, and lotions you can use to help you fall asleep. You can even find lavender buds and take a good whiff before bedtime. Get your very own sleepy time spray here.

A Fan or White Noise Machine - Sometimes, outside noises can significantly put a damper on your sleep. You may have a neighbor that likes to play their tuba every night just as you are heading to bed. So, what do you do? I personally like to use a fan to help me fall asleep every night. I am a light sleeper so every single little noise will keep me awake. A fan or white noise machine will help block out noises and disturbances.

Weighted Blanket - One way to improve your sleep is by using a weighted blanket. Because deep touch pressure stimulation boosts serotonin, sleeping under firm but gentle pressure can help you fall asleep faster, sleep longer and wake feeling more rested. A weighted blanket can also help with a wide variety of other issues including easing insomnia, helps control restless leg syndrome, reduces anxiety and fights against stress. One note on weighted blankets is that they are a bit on the expensive side. But here is the good news, the price is definitely worth it and if you do your research and shop around you can find some good deals.

A Good Quality Mattress - This next tip is a no-brainer but it is worth mentioning. Invest in a nice mattress - seriously. About 10 years ago I was sleeping on a thin, foam mattress and it was the worst. I woke up with back pain Every. Single. Day. Not to mention I had the hardest time even falling asleep. We finally invested in a nice foam and gel mattress and I am happy to say I sleep like a baby every night! Visit your local furniture store and do some test sleeping - you will be glad you did.

Black out Curtains - Black out curtains give you the control you need to finally get some sleep. Black out curtains can help control the temperature, reduce light pollution, increasing melatonin(more on that later) and reduce sounds. Humans are creatures of habit and naturally sleep better in the dark. These heavy curtains are an easy and inexpensive way to help you get on your path to amazing sleep habits.