Soothe your aching muscles or tend to an unexpected migraine with our brand new versatile rice packs!


These rice packs can do it all(almost!) They can be frozen to help with headaches/migraines or muscle pain. You can also pop them into the microwave to help sooth sinus pain or decrease muscle or menstrual pain. And, because these are made from fabric and rice, they are much more versatile and can bend and move to help soothe those hard to reach areas much more effectively than a traditional rice pack.


Each rice pack measures 7"x4" and has two chambers of rice for ease of application. They can be put into a freezer in a ziploc bag until it is ready to be used. 


Rice packs also include a care card with the scent of your choice. Choose from the following scents:



Lavender and Vanilla Sugar


Eucalyptus - Great for sinus pressure

Rosemary Mint 

Vanilla Sugar

Sweet Citrus



Be sure to choose your scent before checking out


Have questions? Feel free to send us a message at We would love to help!


Tropical Greenery Rice Pack